Donna Ong

BMW YAAS II features Singaporean artists David Chan, Donna Ong, and :phunk studio. The artists were invited to spend two weeks at STPI to search new ideas and print techniques in order to create daring, inventive, and cutting edge works. They were challenged to discover an unfamiliar technique using the resources at STPI. Working closely with STPI’s workshop team, each artist was given the complete artistic freedom to study a specific print medium in order to increase their own personal creative boundaries and produce works unable to have been completed alone.

As an installation artist, Ong pushed two dimensional prints into three dimensional multiples at STPI. Made out of Japanese paper and acrylic, her new body of works is a diorama of a mysterious underworld of caves and quarries, symbolizing a hidden realm of secret desires. Ong’s works are based on dreams and fascinations that evoke curiosity and stir the senses. She fashions objects and contraptions which bewilder yet intrigue. Her pieces delve deep into the imagination of fantasy and the sublime.

BMW Asia’s involvement with STPI was a natural culmination of efforts and shared vision to nurther the next generation of artists who have the potential to add vibrancy to the arts scene here. At STPI, each artist spent two weeks working alongside STPI’s workshop team exploring new ideas and print techniques to create fresh, innovative and cutting-edge works for this exhibition.

The managing director of BMW Asia, Mr Johannes Seibert, said the company has always been an avid supporter of the arts. “We are pleased to see that the artists we have supported from the last Series are doing well. We strongly believe that talent should be supported and nurtured, which is why we are once again supporting the second series and specifically focusing on local Singaporean talents. We hope this initiative has provided inspiration and opportunity for the young local artists as they develop their careers”.