Ong Kim Seng

Moments of Light: Selected Paintings & Original Prints by Ong Kim Seng is an exhibition showcasing a series of works done in collaboration with the STPI workshop alongside a collection of original watercolours representing various periods of the artist’s career. Against this historical backdrop, Ong’s print works are a clear demonstration of further artistic development as he explores various printing techniques in creation of a delightful suite of lithographs, monotypes and other works on paper. In the artist’s own words, “Light is no longer ‘light’ as commonly depicted in watercolours, but a spectacular range of illumination, from deep nocturnal episodes to the wonderful, subtle light variations at dawn, dusk or during a tropical storm.”

Ong Kim Seng is a leading watercolorist in Singapore and well known internationally. His works in the realist and naturalist traditions are noted for their remarkable sense of colour and light as well as their rich atmosphere and textures. In a career spanning over 40 years, Ong is the recipient of the Public Service Star Award in 2004, and the 1991 Cultural Medallion award. He is noted to be the only Asian to receive milestone awards from the American Watercolour Society.