Sun Xun

STPI at Art Basel Hong Kong (ABHK) | 15-18 May 2014 Sun Xun孙逊 Republic of Jing Bang鲸邦实习共和国: Citizens Wanted!

Make the land of your dreams come true, and be one of the only 100 citizens of Sun Xun’s new country launch, “Jing Bang: A Country Based on Whale” at Art Basel Hong Kong, Encounters booth 1E3. Curated by Yuko Hasegawa, Chief Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.

The worldwide registration of new citizens and visa application are now open. Immigration officers from STPI will be there to process new enlistments at this checkpoint. Get a glimpse of this “Divine Country Jing Bang” when visiting the booth.

Successful citizenship applicants (at a cost of USD 10,000) shall be rewarded with a hand printed and bound book of “Jing Bang”, a passport, identification card, national flag and animation in DVD and digital betacam. Visas (at USD 25) are available for short-term visit. All visa and citizenship packs are produced by Sun Xun in collaboration with STPI. Do not miss this chance to be part of a new frontier as “Jing Bang’s” existence is time based and lasts as long as a whale emerging for air.

Sun Xun’s new project signifies a new trajectory for STPI, pushing not only the limits of collaboration with artists but taking its partnerships with Platform STPI Projects and ShanghArt to new levels with this performative installation, challenging public engagement with contemporary art.

Sun Xun, one of the youngest and most prolific video artists today is recognised for black and white animation films depicting time and world history while revealing a critical and political awareness of China. He runs his studio Pi animation in Beijing and spent last fall in New York to research the American landscape for a solo show with Sean Kelly Gallery in early 2015. Starting last December, his work was in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s first exhibition on contemporary ink art.

His films have been screened at numerous festivals, including the 8th International Rome Film festival (2013), the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival (2012) and 67th Venice International Film Festival (2010).

Recent solo exhibitions include, Yesterday Is Tomorrow, Hayward Gallery, London, U.K.(2014); Magician Party and Dead Crow , Sun Xun Residency Project, ShanghART Beijing, Beijing (2013); A Footnote to Time, Wall/ladder/machine, New York, U.S.A.(2012); Beyond-ism - Sun Xun Solo Exhibition, ShanghART Beijing (2011); Clown's Revolution, Holland Animation Festival, Center Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands (2010); 21KE, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai (2010); The Soul of Time, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, Switzerland (2010) and Animals, Max Protetch Gallery, New York, U.S.A (2009).

Recent group exhibitions include, The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) and Queensland Art Gallery (QAG), Brisbane, Australia (2012); By Day By Night or Some (Special) Things a Museum Can Do, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai (2010); China Power Station - part 4, Pinacoteca Agnelli, Torino, Italy(2010) and Aichi Tiennale 2010, Aichi, Japan (2010).