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Shinro Ohtake

A Beautiful Disaster: Shinro Ohtake creates pulp fiction at
Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Art Republik, September – November 2016

Japanese artist’s life is an open scrapbook
The Business Times, 30 September 2016

What Memories are Made of: Shinro Ohtake’s Scrapbooks at STPI
BLOUIN ARTINFO, 28 September 2016

Keizai, 15 September 2016

Zao Wou-Ki

STPI Open House, Zao Wou-Ki, STPI
Channel News Asia, Broadcast, 5 August 2016

Breaking Boundaries: Zao Wou-Ki Exhibition at Singapore’s STPI
The Culture Trip, 4 August 2016

From Beijing to Paris
Time Out Singapore, August 2016

Each Work a crucible of East and West
The Business Times, 15 July 2016

“赵无极——无界”画展 无界造就无极
联合早报网Lianhe Zaobao, 12 July 2016

Zao Wou-Ki as Master Printmaker at STPI, Singapore

Zao Wou-Ki: No Boundaries
Artitute, 4 July 2016

Meet Singapore’s pioneer fine art printers and papermakers
The Straits Times, 28 June 2016

Art Basel: STPI & Ho Tzu Nyen (Unlimited)

A Conversation with Ho Tzu Nyen
Ocula, 8 August 2016

By Any Other Name
Art Republik, June - August 2016

Art Basel Round-Up 2016
Art Radar, 22 June 2016

Numero, 17 June 2016

This Art Basel video was banned in China
Quartz, 17 June 2016
Crowds, Caution at Art Basel
Wall Street Journal, 17 June 2016
Singapore is Southeast Asia’s Only Presence at Art Basel
Forbes, 16 June 2016

21世纪经济报道, 15 June 2016

7 Things to See at Art Basel in Basel
Amuse, 15 June 2016

联合早报 LIANHE ZAO BAO, 14 JUNE 2016

At Art Basel’s Oversized Unlimited Sector, Under-Recognized Artists Rub Shoulders with the Biggest Names in Art Artsy, 14 June 2016

STPI at Art Basel
Ocula, 14 June 2016

Ho Tzu Nyen on How and Why He Appropriated Tony Leung Films for The Nameless
BLOUIN ARTINFO, 14 June 2016

Man of mystery in the spotlight
The Business Times, 10 June 2016

Singapore artist to show in Art Basel Unlimited
The Straits Times, 31 May 2016

Unlimited: Presenting 88 ambitious and large-scale works spanning six decades
e-flux, 29 May 2016

Heri Dono

Top Exhibitions in Asia in June 2016

June’s Art Exhibition Picks
Singart, 4 June 2016

Dono explores ‘ meaning in the madness’
The Business Times, 3 June 2016

Art Asia Pacific, June 2016

Singapore STPI: A print and paper art hideout
Art Now Korea, June 2016

Artist goes ‘mad’ to get creative
The Straits Times, 31 May 2016

Interview: Decoding Heri Dono’s Craziness at STPI
Artist Heri Dono on ‘Brilliant Ideas’
Bloomberg (Broadcast), 12 March 2016

Art Basel Hong Kong

The Art Boom is Forever Changing the Way the Art Market Does Business
Forbes, 7 April 2016

A tale of two cities in their pursuit to become art hubs
China Daily Asia, 6 April 2016

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016
The Business Times, 25 March 2016

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016
Euro News, 25 March 2016

Art Basel: Spotlight on Southeast Asia
Bloomberg Business, 25 March 2016

Waterfront wonder: Highlights from Art Basel Hong Kong
Wallpaper Magazine, 24 March 2016

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016.
Thursday, March 24, 2016.
• 訴說東方美學 香港巴塞爾的亞洲風景. Art Emperor. Thursday, March 24, 2016.
• Record Number of Singapore Galleries to Show at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 by Samuel Spencer. BLOUIN ARTINFO. Friday, March 18, 2016.
• Must-See Booths at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 by Pia Capelli. BLOUIN ARTINFO. Wednesday, March 23, 2016.
• The expert guide to Art Basel Hong Kong. Christie’s The Art People. March, 2016.
• Preview of Art Basel & Art Central: The Artling Partner Galleries. The Artling. Tuesday, March 15, 2016.
• Art Basel HK: Is the inevitable slowdown here? By Helmi Yusof. The Business Times, Lifestyle. Friday, March 25, 2016.
• Waterfront wonder: highlights from Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 by Catherine Shaw. Wallpaper* Magazine. Thursday, March 24, 2016.

Jane Lee
• Arts Picks: Freely, Freely by Jane Lee by Huang Lijie. The Straits Times, Lifestyle. Friday, March 4, 2016.
• Transforming materiality: Jane Lee at Singapore Tyler Print Institute. Art Radar. Friday, January 22, 2016.
• Jane Lee | Freely, Freely. Articulating. Friday, January 22, 2016.
• Top Singapore Artist Jane Lee’s Visually Arresting 3D Artworks. Female Magazine. Monday, January 11, 2016.
• Jane Lee at STPI, Singapore. Ocula. Friday, January 22, 2016.
• The Ephemeral Flies Free: Jane Lee. Signé Design. Monday, January 25, 2016.
• Freely, Freely by Jane Lee. Singapore Art Week. Saturday, January 16, 2016.
• Breaking Free. Singart. Friday, January 22, 2016.
• Class act. The Business Times, Lifestyle. Friday, January 15, 2016.
• Painter Jane Lee shows print and paper experiments. The Straits Times. Thursday, January 14, 2016.
• Artist Jane Lee in conversation with STPI chief printer Eitaro Ogawa. YouTube - Wednesday, January 13, 2016.
• Too similar? The Straits Times. Saturday, February 27, 2016.
• Interview: Artist Jane Lee. Luxuo. Wednesday, April 27, 2016.


Art Stage 2015
新加坡泰勒版画院重返《艺术登陆新加坡》呈献东南亚艺术家Suzann Victor与Entang Wiharso
99 Yishu, 14th January 2015

呈献东南亚艺术家Suzann Victor与Entang Wiharso作品’ STPI returns to Art Stage Singapore 2015, presenting works by Southeast Asian artists, Suzann Victor and Entang Wiharso
Artron, 15th January 2015

Collectors snap up works by Singapore artists
The Straits Times, Life!, 27th January 2015

Suzann Victor
50 Singaporean Artists you should know for SG50
BLOUIN ARTINFO, 30th December 2014

Art's hot streak
The Straits Times, Life!, 15th January 2015

Who's who: noted artist to catch
The Straits Times, Life!, 15th January 2015

Cloud of paper 'pigments'
The Business Times, 16th January 2015

新加坡艺术周开幕 本地艺术家精彩出击
Lianhe Zaobao, 17th January 2015

Suzann Victor explores new media for her latest show
TODAY Online, 21st January2015

Upending the traditional ideas of printmaking
The Business Times, 23rd January 2015

On the Wall: Top art exhibitions in February 2015
Expat Living Singapore, 23rd January 2015

Under a new cloud of influence
The Straits Times, Life!, 27th January 2015

Anri Sala, Carsten Höller, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Tobias Rehberger
Artists replicate children's game
The Straits Times, Life!, 13th January 2015

Articles on STPI
JPLUS, 15th January 2015


Entang Wiharso
Entang Wiharso Explores New Direction during STPI Residency
BLOUIN ARTINFO, 24th December 2014

Rirkrit Tiravanija
State of the art
The Business Times, 19th December 2014

The Sunday Times, 28th December 2014

Inga Svala Thorsdottir and Wu Shanzhuan
S’pore art: Top picks for 2014
TODAY Online, 23rd December 2014

Articles on STPI
Singapore's best art galleries
Time Out Singapore, 19th November 2014

ZbW, 7th December 2014

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014
Art, wealth and celebrity converge on Art Basel in Miami Beach
The Straits Times, Life!, 6th December 2014

Hague Yang

Made-in-Singapore art on walls on MoMA
The Straits Times, Life!, 14th November 2014

Entang Wiharso

A conversation with Entang Wiharso
11th Oct 2014

Teppei Kaneuji

Exploring Dimensions and A New World Order
(次元探求與世界新秩序:日本新銳藝術家金氏徹平的東南亞個展), November 2014

Everyday objects comically repurposed

The Business Times, 26th September 2014

Japanese Artist Creates 80 Singapore-inspired Artworks in 42 Days

Pop Spoken, 22nd September 2014

Art Picks: Corrie Tan recommends Moksha Festival,
The Wooster Group and more
The Straits Times, 19th September 2014

Interview with Japanese Artist Teppei Kaneuji

The Artling, 18th September 2014

Teppei Kaneuji Endless, Nameless (Constructions)

Hai Japan, 15th Sept 2014

"I’m interested in the connection between fiction and reality": Interview with Japanese artist Teppei Kaneuji
Singapore Online, 14th Oct 2014 

Lianhe Zaobao, 14th Oct 2014

IN ASIA, 12th September 2014

Rising Contemporary Artist Teppei Kaneuji To Debut Southeast Asia Solo
Show At STPI

Randian, 9th Sept 2014

Teppei Kaneuji, Endless, Nameless (Constructions)

J-PLUS Magazine, Sept 2014

Teppei Kaneuji Endless, Nameless (Construction) at STPI,
Ocula, Sept 2014

Suzann Victor

Suzann Victor
September – October 2014

Connecting through art
The Straits Times, July 28th 2014

Edo Pop

Ukiyo-e – Yesterday and Today
September – October 2014

An Hour @ The Museum

The Straits Times, August 29th 2014

The Straits Times, August 22nd 2014

Curator Matthew Welch on Japanes Ukiyo-e and is abiding influence
The Straits Times, 21st August 2014

The lasting impact of Japanese ukiyo-e

The Business Times, July 14th 2014

Bridging Frontiers

Today, July 12th 2014

The lasting impact of Japanese ukiyo-e

The Business Times, 11th July 2014

Graphic Impact of Japanese Edo Prints at STPI 

BLOUIN ARTINFO, 29th June 2014

The Ever Evolving Ukiyo-e

SingArt, 20th June 2014

Edo Pop: The Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints 
Randian 燃点,

Art Basel

Asian art powers on in Basel 

The Business Times, June 27th 2014

Art Basel in Basel | Show Report 

ETB Travel News, June 25th 2014

Art Journal @ Art Basel, Basel

The Artling, June 19th 2014

For you at Art Basel 2014 

Rirkrit Tiravanija

The Doubtful Clock 

Randian燃点, June 20th 2014

Rirkrit Tiravanija: Time Travelers Chronicle (Doubt): 2014 - 802,
701 A.D at Singapore Tyler Print Institute

Daily Serving, June 18th 2014

Art Republik Space Warps Right Into Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Time Travelers Chronicle (Doubt): 2014 – 802, 701 AD.
Art Republik, June – August 2014

arts picks

The Straits Times, May 30th 2014

Rirkrit Tiravanija: Time Travelers Chronicle (Doubt)

TimeOut Singapore

Art Basel HK

ABHK Top 10
 Art Republik,
June – August 2014

Race To Be On Top
The Straits Times, May 27th 2014

Hong Kong’s art edge over Singapore
The Straits Times, May 27th 2014

Art Basel Returns to Hong Kong For Its Sophomore Outing
Forbes, August 25th 2014

ArtBasel Hong Kong Sales Report

Art Market Monitor, May 19th 2014

The importance of work, rest and play
The Art Newspaper, May 17th 2014

The Melting Pot: Art Basel Hong Kong

ArtAsiaPacific, May 16th 2014

More Singapore galleries at HK fair

The Straits Times, May 16th 2014

Art Basel in Hong Kong brought forward to avoid a clash with the
Swiss show
South China Morning Post, May 15th 2014

De Sarthe gallery revives French connection with Chinese artists

South China Morning Post, May 15th 2014

First look: 10 must-see artists at Art Basel Hong Kong
Lifestyle Asia, May 15th 2014

Global art world arrives in Hong Kong for Art Basel

Channel News Asia, May 14th 2014

Singapore galleries post strong sales at opening of Art Basel Hong Kong
The Straits Times, May 14th 2014

Highlights across Hong Kong this week 

Financial Times, May 10th 2014

Coming Home via the West


Art Basel in Hong Kong

Prestige Hong Kong, May 2014

Best of Art Basel in Hong Kong

Gallery & Studio

Wu Shanzhuan and Inga Svala Thorsdottir


Zaobao NOW, 8th May 2014

Singapore: Sensory perceptions

WAtoday, May 5th 2014

Sensory perceptions
The Sun-Herald, May 4th 2014

Singapore: Sensory perceptions

Brisbane Times, May 4th 2014

Singapore: Sensory perceptions

Canberra Times, May 4th 2014

Singapore: Sensory perceptions

The Age, May 4th 2014

Singapore: Sensory perceptions

The Grenfell Record, May 4th 2014

The Printer / The Paper / The Layer / The Thing’s Right(s) / The Little Fat Flesh | 4/5 

Today, April 24th 2014

Championing the ‘rights of things’

The Business Times, April 18th 2014

Art Stage 2014

2014 싱가폴 아트스테이지
Artprice Korea, April 2014

Singapore Biennale 

Financial Times, January 24th 2014

All the World’s a Stage

Artforum, January 22nd 2014

Premier contemporary art fair draws record visitor numbers

The Straits Times, January 20th 2014

Who Sold What at Art Stage Singapore 2014,
January 14th 2014

Han Sai Por

Art beyond walls
The Straits Times, March 25th 2014

Spunky septuagenarian soldiers on 
The Business Times,
January 17th 2014

Diary Day One: Live from Singapore Art Week

LOOKLATERAL, January 15th 2014

Locals Go Solo

The Straits Times, January 7th 2014

Behind the scenes at Singapore Art Week

Art Collector, January 2014

Moving Forest
The Edge Galerie

Eko Nugroho

An Ever-present Past
Photofile, Autumn – Winter 2014

Heman Chong

Getting between the Covers 
The Business Times, March 21st 2014

Articles on STPI

Singapore-made art soars
The Straits Times, Life!, 17th December 2014

Lianhe Zaobao, zbW, 7th December 2014

Home & Decor Singapore, December 2014

Singapore’s best art galleries
TimeOut Singapore, 19th November 2014

국내외 186개 갤러리풍성한 미술 잔치한마당
S Magazine, Sept 2014

Don't say the P word, Intrepid Artmaking at STPI
 IMPRINT, Sept 2014

Serene escape in Lisbon

The Sunday Times, August 24th 2014

Singapore Tyler Print Institute 

Home & Décor, Aug 2014

Tapestry of Life 

Singapore Tatler, July 10th 2014

Spinning yarns through fabrics 

The Straits Times, June 3rd 2014

Collector’s Edition(ed) 

Art Republik, June – August 2014

Way Beyond an Artistic Spin

Singapore Art, May 30th 2014


LifeStyle Journal, May 2nd 2014
Putting emotion back in the frame 

International New York Times, April 30th 2014

The great divide in the art market
International New York Times, April 28th 2014

Forces Of Nurture 

The Straits Times, April 15th 2014

Modern Art the Old-Fashioned Way
 Singapore American, April 2014

10 Career-Boosting Artist Residencies to Know
 Artspace, March 20th 2014

컨템포러리 아트에서 판화의 길을 모색하다 

Public Art Magazine Korea, January 2014

Spotlight on Singapore: Three Dealers Offer a Guide to Asia’s 
January 2014

Insider’s Guide to Singapore 2014
 TimeOut Singapore

2013 – Dec 2013
Art Basel Miami Preview 2013. Featuring Replacing Myself 4 by
Eko Nugroho

The Art Newspaper - Art Basel Miami Weekend Edition 7-8 Dec 2013
Edition feature, work by Eko Nugroho

Art Basel Miami Magazine – Dec 2013
Inaugral edition sector, featuring work by Eko Nugroho

JoongAng Newspaper (Seoul), Weekend Magazine supplement –
Nov 2013

Feature on Haegue Yang and STPI Director Emi Eu

The Business Times, 1 Nov 2013
Food and spices become her art

The Star – 22 Sept 2013
Concept of identity – 20 Sept 2013
The Lion’s Share: Singapore’s Top Art Galleries and Workshops

The Straits Times Life! – Friday 20 Sept 2013
Artist mixes pop with motifs from Indonesia

New York Times – 17 Sept 2013
Indonesian street artists mixes pop with questions of identity

Lianhebao – 16 Sept 2013
我们就是我们的面具 (Eko Nugroho)

IS Magazine – 13 Sept 2013
Interview with Eko Nugroho

TODAY Online – 11 Sept 2013
Eko Nugroho: We Are What We Mask

TODAY – 10 Sept 2013
Masked man

The Straits Times Life! – 10 Sept 2013
Masks to unmask society

Artinfo – 10 Sept 2013
Eko Nugroho Masked identities in Singapore

The Business Times – 6 Sept 2013
Unmasking through art – 27 Aug 2013
The Masks of Eko Nugroho

Timeout online - 16 Jul 2013
The Mystery of Picasso’s Creative Process: The Art of Printmaking

TODAY Online - 28 Jun 2013
Art review: The Mystery of Picasso’s Creative Process: The Art of Printmaking

SingArt - 23 Jun 2013
Picasso as Seen Through His Prints

Artsy - 27 May 2013
Richard Deacon Paper Play

Artinfo - 20 May 2013
Emi Eu, STPI at Art Basel

Artinfo - 8 May 2013
The Globetrotting Do-Ho Suh Brings His Work to Singapore, Seoul, and New York

Artsy - 6 May 2013
Genevieve Chua The Art of Rolling the Dice

The Straits Times Life! - 4 May 2013
Cover story -Picasso Up Close

Artinfo - 21 March 2013
Headed for Art Basel: Ho Tzu Nyen's "GOULD"

BLOUIN Artinfo Asia Editon – Jan/February
Cover story: Ronald Ventura takes on the world

Lianhe Zaobao, 1 February 2013
Exhibition 'Couleurs de l'Ombre' by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Straits Times Life!, 29 January 2013
Cover story including current exhibition 'Couloers de l'Ombre' by
Hiroshi Sugimoto and STPI resident artist, Jumaldi Alfi

Business Times, 25 January 2013
'A Click in Time' featuring 'Couleurs de l'Ombre' by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Luxury Properties Magazine, Hong Kong, January issue 2013
'Chasing Light' story on Hiroshi Sugimoto
Courtesy of Luxury Properties Magazine Hong Kong


Lianhe Zaobao, 8 December 2012

ArtAsiaPacific Magazine, 7 December 2012
STPI celebrates tenth anniversary; First Singapore gallery to be selected for Art Basel

TODAY, 24 November 2012
Storm fronts

The Business Times, 23 November 2012
STPI invited to exclusive Basel art fair

The Business Times, 23 November 2012
Pacquiao of Philippine art loves the creative process

The Straits Times, 23 November 2012
Arts picks - Recyclables, 22 November 2012
Singapore Tyler Print Institute Heading To Art Basel 2013

The Straits Times Life! 21 November 2012
New lease of life for old materials, 22 November 2012
Singapore Tyler Print Institute Heading To Art Basel 2013

The Straits Times Life! 21 November 2012
New lease of life for old materials, 16 November 2012
Ronald Ventura Surprises Again With Paper Work at STPI

Luxury Properties Magazine, November 2012
Uncanny Icons, 7 October 2012
23 Questions with Richard Deacon

The Straits Times Life! 5 October 2012
On block creations

Wall Street Journal, 3 October 2012
A Turner Prize Winner Returns to Singapore

Art Monthly Australia, October 2012
Some bite

The Business Times, 28 September 2012
Richard Deacon, Singapore Tyler Print Institute

PASSAGE, Sep-Oct 2012
Hong Zhu An ‘Ascetic Serenity’

Asian Art News, September 2012
Hong Zhu An at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute

Surface Asia, 18 September 2012
Hong Zhu An, Ascetic Serenity

Driven, August 2012
The Art of Investment

The Straits Times, 21 August 2012
Thankful for brush with discipline

The Business Times, 14 May 2012
Artist in residence


The Business Times, 7 January 2011
Virtual vs. Reality

ASIANA, April 2011
Singapore art rising

The Straits Times Life! 19 May 2011
Hockney works on show

TODAY, 6 June 2012
ARTHK11: Hard sell

The Straits Times Life! 18 August 2011
Show and Sell

SEVEN HILLS Premium, August 2011
From Singapore: Vol. 9 Contemporary Art, Super Director

Columbus Dutch Magazine, August 2011
Just a perfect day in Singapore

The Straits Times Life! 24 September 2011
Perfect marriage of luxury brands and art

PASSAGE, September/October 2011
From Godown to Gallery: Singapore Tyler Print Institute

SEVEN HILLS Premium, November 2011
Singapore Tyler Print Institute

The Straits Times Life! 8 December 2011
Asia centre Stage


The Straits Time Life! 1 January 2010
Push boundaries of art and print

The Straits Times, 15 January 2010
An Hour @ The Museum

The Business Times, 15 January 2010
Off to a retrospective start

Singapore Tatler, February 2010
Cultural Leads: Driving the arts and culture scene are dynamic individuals at the helm of leading arts organisations

The Wall Street Journal, 20 May 2010
ARTHK: Showtime

The Business Times, 21 May 2010
Works of finest artists under one roof

The Straits Times Life! 22 May 2010
Stretch your imagination

PRESTIGE Singapore, May 2010
Parkett – Blockbuster Show

PASSAGE, May/June 2010
Contemporary Art, Collaboratively Cool

The Straits Times Life! 27 December 2010
Views to a thrill


PRESTIGE Singapore, January 2009
An artists’ Artist

The Straits Times Life! 7 May 2009
Pulp story that grew and grew

The Business Times, 8 May 2009
Paper as an artistic medium

The Straits Times, 27 March 2009
An hour at the museum

PASSAGE, May/June 2009
PULP STORIES II: James Rosenquist and Frank Stella

The Art Newspaper, June 2009
Hong Kong sees off the mainland: Dealers agree that Art HK is the destination event in Asia

Monocle, September 2009
Arts: Top five galleries

TIME, 5 October 2009
Prints Charming: The seductive new wave of Asian printmaking

Art Radar Asia, 4 November 2009
The Singapore Tyler Print Institute – international art collaboration at world-class print studio

The Straits Times, December 2009
The Best of 2009